About Venturing

Venturing is the only co-educational program within the Boy Scouts of America. It was established in 1998 as a separate new program from the old Explorer Scouts division. Exploring continues today as a separate program but with a greater focus on exposing youth to various career paths. Venturing is the senior Scouting program meant to give young men and women more autonomy in running the activities, and thus, helping them gain experience in becoming mature, responsible, and caring adults. By driving the unit’s activities, Venturers learn to lead, work together, and solve problems and achieve goals as a team. Venturing allows young men and women to learn new skills, expand existing ones, and share those skills with others in a safe, nurturing environment. Through Venturing, young men and women can try various activities that appeal to them: new high adventure activities, perform community service, learn new arts and crafts, pursue sports, explore science and technology, deepen faith practices, or prepare oneself for a career path. But above all, they have lots of FUN along the way! Venturing activities are organized mostly at the unit level, but district, council, area, regional, and even national events are held annually to give an opportunity for Venturers nationwide to meet.
Venturers abide by the same Scout Oath and Law as other members of the Boy Scouts of America, and perform the same three-fingered Scout Sign and Salute as performed by Scouts worldwide. The uniforms are green instead of tan.
Venturing is not unique to just the Boy Scouts of America, and fellow senior Scouts worldwide participate in similar programs under names such as Venture Scouts and Rover Scouts, or Rangers within the Girl Guiding movement. By joining our Crew, you’ll join a worldwide tradition in Scouting!

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